23.09.2013 (Monday) | Grand Opening of the Week of Ferformance

17:30 pm
Áine Phillips, Red weight
Begins at: St. Idzi Church square

18:30 pm
Monika Drożyńska, Inventory
Justyna Koeke, Fashionshow
Place: the ‘Bunkier Sztuki’ Gallery

25.09.2013 (Wednesday) | Illegal stationary fashion shows

12:00 am
Poczwarka / Chrysalis (Irena Kalicka, Marta Sala, Dominika Szczabła, Aleksandra Antuszewicz)
Place: the Vistula River Boulevards near ‘Galeria Kazimierz’ shopping mall

15:00 pm
Małgorzata Markiewicz, EU
Place: tram stop at the Bagatela Theatre

Justyna Koeke, 10 Graces – Shit Fashion for Everyday
Place: Szewska and Floriańska street

26.09.2013 (Thursday)

16–18:00 pm
Poczwarka(Irena Kalicka, Marta Sala, Dominika Szczałba, Aleksandra Antuszewicz)
Place: Planty (city green area)

Grubymi nićmi szyte, Birds mating (urban game)
Place: Planty (city green area)

17:00 pm
LASEM Group Deframestration
Place: the Matejko Square

18:00 pm
Michał Olszewski,  Things, things, things  – on  paradoxes of transformation (lecture)
Place: the ‘Bunkier Sztuki’ Gallery

27.09.2013 (Friday) |  Ferformance Day

14:00 pm
Kiermasz Twórczej Reanimacji Odpadów, March of the Superheroes
Begins at: the square in front of ‘Bunkier Sztuki’ Gallery, march toward Galeria Krakowska shopping mall

15–18:00 pm
Mimosa Pale, Justyna Koeke, Cecylia Malik, Claudia Vogel, Suisse Marocain
Place: the square in front of the Galeria Krakowska, the area of the Main Post Office and the Main Railway Station in Krakow

17:00 pm
Agata Bargiel, Come, swap with me (flash mob)
Place: the square in front of the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall

22:00 pm
Robert Kuta – probably the most famous artist in the world. Enter the VIP  world. (a meeting with a Star)
Place: ‘Bomba na Placu’ Club, Szczepański square 2/1

28.09.2013 (Saturday)

21:00 pm
DJ Herr Charlatan (Berlin), DJane Wyrodna (Warszawa), Big Fanaberie Glamour Party!
Place: the ‘Bunkier Sztuki’ Gallery, evening dresses at null prices required!

30.09.2013 (Monday) | Finissage

20:00 pm
Great Fanaberie Fashion Show
Dress up in a work of art! We are giving away clothes reworked at Przebieralnia / Changing Room installation.

Anna Gohmert (performance)
Helmut Dietz, Urban Landscape Body Print
Teresa i Alexander Grebchenko, Sound performance

We also invite you to the workshops at the ‘Bunkier Sztuki’ Gallery:

21.09.2013 (Saturday),  11:00 am
Áine Phillips, Performer’s dress
As part of the Bunkier Sztuki Little Club

24–26.09.2013 (Tuesday-Thursday), 16-20:00 pm
Recycle-performative workshops at the Intergalactic Waste Zone

24.09.2013 (Tuesday), 16-20:00 pm
Kasia Dorota, A hole in the whole.

25.09.2013 (Wednesday), 16-20:00 pm
Mimosa Himo Pale, Crazy hats

28.09.2013 (Saturday), 11:00 am
Suisse Marocain, Spoko Spoko Fashion Bambini
As part of the Bunkier Sztuki Little Club

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